AvatarMy enthusiasm for photography started with traveling. I always wanted to capture the impressions of different lights, shapes and colors during my journeys. Whether my theme comes from nature, city or from other areas, with my composition I want to preserve the same feeling what I felt when my subject caught my eye.

When I go to new places I always carry different sets of cameras for various purposes and most of the time I observe the world through my camera lens. I shoot in many different topics ranging from nature to scientific imaging. Take a look at my photo portfolio where my photos are shown by themes.

My background is bioengineering and biotechnology, today I’m a scientist in the field of optics, microscopy and imaging. As a scientist I’m fascinated by the physical properties of light, how colors are created and how we see them, how we perceive the visual world around us; and how we can use and manipulate light to obtain more interesting results in imaging. For more experimenting photo projects – either scientific or non-scientific related – you can visit my photo projects.

If you have any comment, question or you would like to discuss something, you can contact me at this email address.

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